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Project title: Design and clinical development of a first-in-class small-molecule drug candidate for the treatment of colorectal cancer based on the stimulation of immune cells to increase anti-cancer activity through induced protein degradation. Project No. 2022/ABM/06/00001.

The project is carried out under program No. ABM/2022/6 entitled. "Development of targeted or personalized medicine based on therapy with nucleic acids or small-molecule compounds".
The project is co-financed by the state budget from the Medical Research Agency

Project value: 74 285 992,10 PLN
State funding: 52 206 266,76 PLN

Project Objective and Planned Outcomes: To develop an oral drug candidate used in anti-cancer therapy for the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer and, in the long term, other types of cancer. The proposed small-molecule drug will induce degradation of the target protein. Following positive results from preclinical phase studies, the drug candidate will be tested in Phase I clinical trials under the project.