Investor Relations Captor Therapeutics ®


The Company's business model assumes advancing the drug candidates in its pipeline to the late preclinical or early clinical stages of development to demonstrate preclinical and clinical proof of concept for drug candidates. Captor’s OptigradeTM platform enables the discovery and development of drug candidates using two complementary degrader drug modalities, i.e., molecular glues and bifunctional degraders.

Captor is one of the few TPD specialist companies in the world that has lead candidates in its pipeline using both of these modalities, which provides the Company with great flexibility in the way it can address different diseases. At the appropriate stage of development, the Company plans to partner specific drug programmes with large pharmaceutical companies which, based on their global resources, experience, and operational potential, are well placed to carry out further phases of clinical tests and launch the drug on the Polish and foreign markets. Normally, this is done based on a license for technology and related patents and know-how, with a typical structure comprising the following payment phases: up-front payment, multiple milestone payments and royalties on sales.

In addition to collaborations on its pipeline of drug candidates, Captor also intends to enter discovery partnerships with pharma and large biotech companies to develop new drug candidates in other diseases, outside of the disease of interest in Captor’s own drug pipeline.

At the end of 2022, Captor entered into a drug discovery and development partnership with Ono Pharmaceutical Co., a major Japanese Pharmaceutical company, with the objective of discovering and developing degrader drugs against a novel target of interest in neurodegenerative disease.