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Recommendation of the Captor Therapeutics project for funding by the Medical Research Agency

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Current report: 28/2023

Date of preparation: 14 June 2023.

Subject: Recommendation of the Captor Therapeutics project for funding by the Medical Research Agency

Legal basis: Article 17(1) MAR - inside information

The Management Board of Captor Therapeutics S.A. headquartered in Wrocław, Poland (the "Company") announces that the Company obtained recommendation for grant financing for its  project named "Design and clinical development of a first-in-class small molecule drug candidate for the treatment of colorectal cancer, based on stimulation of cells of the immune system to increased anti-cancer activity through induced protein degradation" (the "Project") in the competition for the development of targeted or personalised medicine based on nucleic acid-based medicinal products and small-molecule compounds announced by the Medical Research Agency ("MRA").

The aim of the Project is to develop an oral anti-cancer drug candidate being the molecular glue for the treatment of colorectal cancer and, in the long term, potentially other types of cancer. The proposed small-molecule drug will induce the degradation of a  protein that negatively regulates the activity of T cells of the immune system, stimulating these cells to activate and infiltrate cancerous tumours, thus resulting in the desired therapeutic response.

Colorectal cancer („CRC”) is, according to GLOBOCAN (Global Cancer Statistics), the third most commonly diagnosed type of cancer (1.9 million new cases in 2020 - 10% of cancer diagnoses). It is also ranked second in terms of cancer-related mortality. CRC is a growing global problem and, despite advances in its treatment, there is still a need for new drugs and novel therapies.

A drug candidate developed by the Company will undergo discovery phase, optimalisation, pre-clinical trial development until the phase related to tests on patients The planned duration of the entire Project is 69 months. The Company plans to commence work on the Project as soon as the grant agreement for the Project is signed.

The total cost of the project is PLN 74,285,992.10, while the recommended grant is PLN 52,206,266.76.

The Company will report on further issues relating to the Project and its funding as required by law.