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Conclusion of an annex extending the cooperation with Wedbush Securities Inc.

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Current report no. 38/2023                                    

Date of drafting: 11 September                                                                                                        

Theme: Conclusion of an annex extending the cooperation with Wedbush Securities Inc.

Legal basis: Article 17(1) MAR - confidential information.             

Report content:                                                                                                                                    

The Management Board of Captor Therapeutics S.A., based in Wrocław (the "Company"), announces that the Company has entered into an annex with Wedbush Securities Inc. (an investment banking entity with expertise in the biotechnology sector) ("Wedbush") regarding the agreement (the Company informed about the conclusion of the agreement with Wedbush concerning the assessment of the market situation and the consideration of options for obtaining financing in attachment to current report No. 7/2023 dated 6 March 2023 - "Company Strategy - Next Steps 2023-2025") and pursuant to this annex Wedbush is engaged as the Company's exclusive strategic financial advisor.

The purpose of the Company extending its cooperation with Wedbush is to identify and evaluate possible strategic actions aimed at maximising value for the Company's shareholders. The Company believes that the cooperation in the above regard will be of a long-term nature. As part of the above cooperation, the Company will consider a number of possible strategic directions, which may include entering into a licensing or partnering transaction relating to the Company's assets (including in particular the Company's current research and development projects), a strategic transaction relating to the Company's shares or assets or carrying out a transaction with a different structure (collectively, a "Strategic Transaction"). The Management Board of the Company informs that, at this stage, no decision relating to the selection of any Strategic Transaction has been made and there is no certainty as to whether or when such decision will be made.

The Annex provides for certain exceptions to the exclusivity granted to Wedbush, including an exception for licensing transactions with entities in the so-called "Greater China" area covering China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Macau, for which the Company will be advised by M.S.Q. Ventures Inc. - an entity that specialises in international consulting for biotechnology companies.

With reference to the Company's strategic plans - "Company Strategy - Next Steps 2023-2025" (information provided by current report No. 7/2023 dated 6 March 2023) and the plans to raise equity financing indicated therein, the Company indicates that the above plans to raise equity financing are still valid (notwithstanding the extension of the cooperation with Wedbush, which will be of a long-term nature) and the Company's Management Board will make decisions regarding the raising of this financing, the specific structure, the location and the timing of the transaction, taking into account, among other aspects, market conditions and investor interest.

The Company will report on further matters relating to the subject matter of this report as required by law.