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Captor Therapeutics Q1 2022 report: company continues to generate exciting data on lead projects (CT-01, CT-02, CT-03), maintains strong financial position

  • The Company has made significant progress in the development of three pipeline assets:
    • CT-01 product candidate in hepatocellular carcinoma delivered robust in-vivo data with full tumor regression at low dose with a novel degradation profile;
    • CT-03 first-in-class MCL-1 degrader drug candidates demonstrated strong proof of in-vivo efficacy in a leukaemia animal model at all tested doses;
    • CT-02 potent degrader candidates identified for indications in oncology and inflammatory diseases, with in-vivo proof of concept anticipated in the second half of 2022.
  • Despite the difficult macroeconomic environment, the Company maintains a healthy financial position.


Wroclaw, Poland, May 30, 2022. - Captor Therapeutics S.A. (WSE:CTX), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of drugs based on Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, announced an expanded consolidated report for Q1 2022.

The first quarter of this year was a period of intensive research and development activity, focused primarily on the two most advanced projects in the company's pipeline: CT-01 and CT-03.

The excellent results announced in the development of CT-01 and CT-03 confirms the validity of the assumptions underlying our platform and drugs being developed by our scientists. We are consistently investing in the development of our R&D capabilities and laboratories and hiring experienced specialists who want to take part in the development of our projects - comments Dr. Michał Walczak, Member of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer of Captor Therapeutics.

As part of its work on Project CT-01, the Company announced the results of in-vivo proof-of-concept (ROI) experiments in animal models of liver cancer in January 2022, which confirmed that the optimized compounds have the properties to enter the next phase of development. Additional in-vivo results in April confirmed the strong anticancer activity of two drug candidates at low oral doses in a mouse model of human liver cancer. Following these milestones, Captor expects to select and disclose the drug candidate that is planned to enter clinical phase in 2023.

In February, the Company announced further progress in the CT-03 project  to develop therapeutics against several types of cancer via the degradation of the MCL-1 protein. The proof-of-concept study performed by an independent subcontractor confirmed that the lead molecule in CT-03 effectively degrades the MCL-1 protein in human tumor cells implanted in animals, induces apoptosis, and as a result induces tumor regression. These results confirm the rationale behind targeting MCL-1 and justify selecting a clinical candidate for IND-enabling studies.

The in-vivo validation of anti-tumor activities in two of our lead pipeline programs demonstrates the robustness of our OptigradeTM technology platform to deliver highly potent TPD compounds and our ability to rationally discover and develop both molecular glues and bifunctional degrader drug candidates with strong differentiation– said Dr. Tom Shepherd, CEO of Captor.

The company also strengthened its communication activities with the market. On May 18th, Captor Therapeutics organized its first Investor’s Day and R&D Day in two parts. While the Investor’s Day was primarily targeting Polish investors and analysts, the R&D Day focused on European and U.S. institutional investors and financial analysts as well as potential strategic partners. Both events were well attended.

The macroeconomic situation on global markets is very challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is further exacerbated by rising inflation. Against this background, It is all the more noteworthy that Captor has a solid financial situation, with available funds for projects at over PLN 200 million. Thanks to these resources, we have the financial capacity to take two of our projects to clinical phase without additional funding - comments Radosław Krawczyk, Member of the Board and Chief Financial Officer of Captor Therapeutics.


About Captor Therapeutics

Captor Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on leveraging Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) technology to discover and develop breakthrough drug candidates in diseases with high unmet medical needs. TPD is a revolutionary approach to developing new drugs that can address novel molecular targets which are deemed “undruggable” with classical drug development approaches, as well as providing additional treatment options for diseases where existing drugs fail to provide optimal medical benefit. Captor is currently developing therapeutics for undertreated severe conditions, including malignancies and autoimmune diseases.  

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